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  ( lathers    3rd person present)   ( lathering    present participle)   ( lathered    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-sing   A lather is a white mass of bubbles which is produced by mixing a substance such as soap or washing powder with water.  
...the sort of water that easily makes a lather with soap..., He wiped off the remains of the lather with a towel.     
2       verb   When a substance such as soap or washing powder lathers, it produces a white mass of bubbles because it has been mixed with water.  
The shampoo lathers and foams so much it's very hard to rinse it all out.      V  
3       verb   If you lather something, you rub a substance such as soap or washing powder on it until a lather is produced, in order to clean it.  
Lather your hair as normal...      V n  
For super-soft skin, lather on a light body lotion before you bathe.      V n with adv, Also V n prep  
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1    bubbles, foam, froth, soap, soapsuds, suds  
2      (informal)   dither     (chiefly Brit.)   fever, flap     (informal)   fluster, fuss, pother, state     (informal)   stew     (informal)   sweat, tizzy     (informal)   twitter     (informal)  
3    foam, froth, soap  
4      (informal)   beat, cane, drub, flog, lambast(e), strike, thrash, whip  

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