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If you describe someone's feelings and behaviour as irrational, you mean they are not based on logical reasons or clear thinking.      adj   (=unreasonable)     (Antonym: rational) irrational fear of science.     
  irrationally      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj, ADV with cl  
My husband is irrationally jealous over my past loves.     
  irrationality      n-uncount  
...the irrationality of his behaviour.     
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1    absurd, crackpot     (informal)   crazy, foolish, illogical, injudicious, loopy     (informal)   nonsensical, preposterous, silly, unreasonable, unreasoning, unsound, unthinking, unwise  
2    aberrant, brainless, crazy, demented, insane, mindless, muddle-headed, raving, senseless, unstable, wild  
1    circumspect, judicious, logical, rational, reasonable, sensible, sound, wise  

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