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  ( irons    plural & 3rd person present)   ( ironing    present participle)   ( ironed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-uncount   Iron is an element which usually takes the form of a hard, dark grey metal. It is used to make steel, and also forms part of many tools, buildings, and vehicles. Very small amounts of iron occur in your blood and in food.  
oft N n  
The huge, iron gate was locked., ...the highest grade iron ore deposits in the world...     
2       n-count   An iron is an electrical device with a flat metal base. You heat it until the base is hot, then rub it over clothes to remove creases.  
3       verb   If you iron clothes, you remove the creases from them using an iron.  
She used to iron his shirts...      V n  
...a freshly ironed shirt.      V-ed  
  ironing      n-uncount  
I managed to get all the ironing done this morning.     
4       adj   You can use iron to describe the character or behaviour of someone who is very firm in their decisions and actions, or who can control their feelings well.  
ADJ n  
...a man of icy nerve and iron will...     
5       adj   Iron is used in expressions such as an iron hand and iron discipline to describe strong, harsh, or unfair methods of control which do not allow people much freedom.  
ADJ n  
He died in 1985 after ruling Albania with an iron fist for 40 years.     
6    If someone has a lot of irons in the fire, they are involved in several different activities or have several different plans.  
irons in the fire      phrase   iron out      phrasal verb   If you iron out difficulties, you resolve them and bring them to an end.   (=smooth out)  
It was in the beginning, when we were still ironing out problems...      V P n (not pron)  

cast iron  
1       n-uncount   Cast iron is iron which contains a small amount of carbon. It is hard and cannot be bent so it has to be made into objects by casting.  
Made from cast iron, it is finished in graphite enamel., ...the cast-iron chair legs.     
2       adj   A cast-iron guarantee or alibi is one that is absolutely certain to be effective and will not fail you.  
usu ADJ n  
They would have to offer cast-iron guarantees to invest in long-term projects.     
Iron Age     
The Iron Age was a period of time which began when people started making things from iron about three thousand years ago.      n-proper   the N  
...the remains of an Iron Age fort.     
Iron Curtain     
People referred to the border that separated the Soviet Union and the communist countries of Eastern Europe from the Western European countries as the Iron Curtain.      n-proper   the N  
soldering iron        ( soldering irons    plural  ) A soldering iron is a tool used to solder things together.      n-count  
steam iron        ( steam irons    plural  ) A steam iron is an electric iron that produces steam from water that you put into it. The steam makes it easier to get the creases out of your clothes.      n-count  
wrought iron      , wrought-iron  
Wrought iron is a type of iron that is easily formed into shapes and is used especially for making gates, fences, and furniture.      n-uncount  
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1    chalybeate, ferric, ferrous, irony  
2      (figurative)   adamant, cruel, hard, heavy, immovable, implacable, indomitable, inflexible, obdurate, rigid, robust, steel, steely, strong, tough, unbending, unyielding  
2    bending, easy, flexible, light, malleable, pliable, soft, weak, yielding  

iron out     
clear up, eliminate, eradicate, erase, expedite, get rid of, harmonize, put right, reconcile, resolve, settle, simplify, smooth over, sort out, straighten out, unravel  

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1. conical-shaped iron basket brazier, holding a fire to be burned as a beacon 2. open lamp or firepan carried on a pole, once used as portable illumination
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