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  ( irks    3rd person present)   ( irking    present participle)   ( irked    past tense & past participle  ) If something irks you, it irritates or annoys you.  
FORMAL      verb  
The rehearsal process also irked him increasingly...      V n  
I must admit it irks me to see this guy get all this free publicity...      it V n to-inf  
It irks them that some people have more of a chance than others for their voices to be heard.      it V n that  
  irked      adj   v-link ADJ  
Claire had seemed a little irked when he left.     
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aggravate     (informal)   annoy, be on one's back     (slang)   bug     (informal)   gall, get in one's hair     (informal)   get one's back up, get on one's nerves     (informal)   irritate, miff     (informal)   nark     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. slang)   nettle, peeve     (informal)   piss one off     (taboo slang)   provoke, put one's back up, put one's nose out of joint     (informal)   put out     (informal)   rile, rub one up the wrong way     (informal)   ruffle, vex  

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