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1       adj   If you make an involuntary movement or exclamation, you make it suddenly and without intending to because you are unable to control yourself.  
Another surge of pain in my ankle caused me to give an involuntary shudder.     
  involuntarily      adv   ADV with v  
His left eyelid twitched involuntarily.     
2       adj   You use involuntary to describe an action or situation which is forced on someone.   (=forced) policies that cover involuntary unemployment...     
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1    compulsory, forced, obligatory, reluctant, unwilling  
2    automatic, blind, conditioned, instinctive, instinctual, reflex, spontaneous, unconscious, uncontrolled, unintentional, unthinking  
1    optional, unconstrained, volitional, voluntary, willing  
2    calculated, deliberate, intentional, planned, purposed, wilful  

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