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  ( invasions    plural  )
1       n-var   If there is an invasion of a country, a foreign army enters it by force.  
usu with supp, oft adj N, N of n years after the Roman invasion of Britain...     
2       n-var   If you refer to the arrival of a large number of people or things as an invasion, you are emphasizing that they are unpleasant or difficult to deal with.  
oft N of n  
...this year's annual invasion of flies, wasps and ants...     
3       n-var   If you describe an action as an invasion, you disapprove of it because it affects someone or something in a way that is not wanted.  
usu N of n     (disapproval)    Is reading a child's diary always a gross invasion of privacy?     

pitch invasion        ( pitch invasions    plural  ) If there is a pitch invasion during or after a football, rugby, or cricket match, fans run on to the pitch.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
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1    aggression, assault, attack, campaign, foray, incursion, inroad, irruption, offensive, onslaught, raid  
2    breach, encroachment, infiltration, infraction, infringement, intrusion, overstepping, usurpation, violation  

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