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  ( interrogatives    plural  )
1       adj   An interrogative gesture or tone of voice shows that you want to know the answer to a question.  
WRITTEN   usu ADJ n   (=questioning)  
Donovan cocked an interrogative eye at his companion, who nodded in reply.     
2       n-sing   In grammar, a clause that is in the interrogative, or in the interrogative mood, has its subject following `do', `be', `have', or a modal verb. Examples are `When did he get back?' and `Are you all right?'. Clauses of this kind are typically used to ask questions.  
the N  
3       n-count   In grammar, an interrogative is a word such as `who', `how', or `why', which can be used to ask a question.  
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curious, inquiring, inquisitive, inquisitorial, questioning, quizzical  

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