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     ( interchanges    plural & 3rd person present)   ( interchanging    present participle)   ( interchanged    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced ɪntərtʃeɪndʒ. The verb is pronounced ɪntərtʃeɪndʒ.     
1       n-var   If there is an interchange of ideas or information among a group of people, each person talks about his or her ideas or gives information to the others.  
with supp, usu N of n   (=exchange)  
What made the meeting exciting was the interchange of ideas from different disciplines...     
2       v-recip   If you interchange one thing with another, or you interchange two things, each thing takes the place of the other or is exchanged for the other. You can also say that two things interchange.  
She likes to interchange her furnishings at home with the stock in her shop...      V n with n  
Your task is to interchange words so that the sentence makes sense.      V pl-n  
...the point where the illusions of the stage and reality begin to interchange.      pl-n V, Also V with n  
      Interchange is also a noun., n-var   oft N of n  
...the interchange of matter and energy at atomic or sub-atomic levels.     
3       n-count   An interchange on a motorway, freeway, or road is a place where it joins a main road or another motorway or freeway.  
usu n N   (=junction)  
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      vb   alternate, bandy, barter, exchange, reciprocate, swap     (informal)   switch, trade  
      n   alternation, crossfire, exchange, give and take, intersection, junction, reciprocation  

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