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1       n-uncount   Innocence is the quality of having no experience or knowledge of the more complex or unpleasant aspects of life.  
...the sweet innocence of youth...     
2       n-uncount   If someone proves their innocence, they prove that they are not guilty of a crime.  
oft poss N     (Antonym: guilt)    He claims he has evidence which could prove his innocence.     
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1    blamelessness, chastity, clean hands, guiltlessness, incorruptibility, probity, purity, righteousness, sinlessness, stainlessness, uprightness, virginity, virtue  
2    harmlessness, innocuousness, innoxiousness, inoffensiveness  
3    artlessness, credulousness, freshness, guilelessness, gullibility, inexperience, ingenuousness, naïveté, simplicity, unsophistication, unworldliness  
4    ignorance, lack of knowledge, nescience     (literary)   unawareness, unfamiliarity  
1    corruption, guilt, impurity, offensiveness, sinfulness, wrongness  
3    artfulness, cunning, disingenuousness, guile, wiliness, worldliness  

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