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  ( injects    3rd person present)   ( injecting    present participle)   ( injected    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   To inject someone with a substance such as a medicine means to put it into their body using a device with a needle called a syringe.  
His son was injected with strong drugs...      be V-ed with n  
The technique consists of injecting healthy cells into the weakened muscles...      V n into n  
He needs to inject himself once a month.      V pron-refl, Also V n, V n with n  
2       verb   If you inject a new, exciting, or interesting quality into a situation, you add it.  
She kept trying to inject a little fun into their relationship...      V n into n  
3       verb   If you inject money or resources into a business or organization, you provide more money or resources for it.     (BUSINESS)  
He has injected £5.6 billion into the health service.      V n into n  
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1    inoculate, jab     (informal)   shoot     (informal)   vaccinate  
2    bring in, infuse, insert, instil, interject, introduce  

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