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  ( indulgences    plural  ) Indulgence means treating someone with special kindness, often when it is not a good thing.      n-var  
The king's indulgence towards his sons angered the business community...     

self-indulgence        ( self-indulgences    plural  ) Self-indulgence is the act of allowing yourself to have or do the things that you enjoy very much.      n-var  
Going to the movies in the afternoon is one of my big self-indulgences.     
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1    excess, fondness, immoderation, intemperance, intemperateness, kindness, leniency, pampering, partiality, permissiveness, profligacy, profligateness, spoiling  
2    appeasement, fulfilment, gratification, satiation, satisfaction  
3    extravagance, favour, luxury, privilege, treat  
4    courtesy, forbearance, goodwill, patience, tolerance, understanding  
1    moderation, strictness, temperance, temperateness  

dissipation, excess, extravagance, incontinence, intemperance, self-gratification, sensualism  

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