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To meet the needs of people learning English, Reverso offers a free English dictionary that goes far beyond what a normal monolingual dictionary or thesaurus can provide by explaining the use of words and phrases in natural language and providing real-life examples. This English dictionary for learners features definitions written in language that is easy to understand, examples taken from actual texts and conversations, and explanations of grammar.

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chain-smoker chained chair lift chairmanship chairperson
chairwoman chaise lounge chalet chalice chalk
chalky challenge challenger challenging chamber
chamber music chamber of commerce chamber orchestra chamber pot chamberlain
chambermaid chameleon chamois chamomile champ
champion championship chance chancel Chancellor
Chancellor of the Exchequer chancer change change management change of life
change purse changeable changeling changeover changing room
channel channel-hopping channel-surfing chant chaos
chaotic chap chap. chapel chaplain
chaplaincy chapped chapter char char-grilled
charabanc character assassination character recognition characterful characterless
charade chard charge card chargé d'affaires charge nurse
chargeable charged charger chariot chequered
cherish cheroot cherry-pick cherub cherubic
chervil Cheshire cat chess chest chest of drawers
chesty chevron chew chewing gum chewy
chicanery chicano chick chick lit chicken
chicken feed chickenpox chickpea chickweed chide
chief Chief of Staff chilblain child child benefit
chimney breast chimney pot chimney stack chimney sweep chimneypiece
chimpanzee Chinatown Chinese chink chintz
chintzy chip chip shop chipboard chipmunk
Chippendale chippings chippy chiropodist chiropody
chiropractic chunk chunky church church school
churchgoer churchman churchwarden churchyard chute
chutzpah CIA ciao cicada CID
cider cigar cigarette cigarette holder cigarette lighter
ciggy cinch cinder block cinders cinematic
cinematography cipher circle circuit circuitous
circuitry circular saw circulate circumcise circumscribe
circumspect circumstantial circumvent circus citation
citizenry Citizens' Band citizenship City city centre
city fathers city hall city slicker civics civil
civil disobedience civil engineer civil law civil liberties Civil List
civil rights civil servant Civil Service civilian civilise
civilised clementine clench clergy cleric
clerical clerk cliché clichéd cliffhanger
climactic climate climatic climatologist climb
climb-down climber climbing climbing frame clinch
cling clingfilm clingy clinic clinical
clinical trial clinician clink clip clip-on
clipped clipper clipping clique cliquey
clitoris Cllr. cloak-and-dagger clobber clockwork

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