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To meet the needs of people learning English, Reverso offers a free English dictionary that goes far beyond what a normal monolingual dictionary or thesaurus can provide by explaining the use of words and phrases in natural language and providing real-life examples. This English dictionary for learners features definitions written in language that is easy to understand, examples taken from actual texts and conversations, and explanations of grammar.

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globe globe artichoke globe-trot globular glockenspiel
gloomy glorified glorify gloss gloss paint
glossary glossies glossy glove glove compartment
gloved glow glower glowing glucose
glue glue sniffing glum glut glutamate
gluten glutinous glutton gluttonous gluttony
gm GM GM-free GMO GMT
gnarled gnash gnat gnaw gnocchi
gnomic gnu GNVQ go {1} go {2}
go {3} go {4} go-between go-go go-kart
go-karting go-slow goad goal goal line
goalie goalkeeping goalless goat goat cheese
gob gobbet gobble goblet goblin
gobsmacked god god-awful God-fearing godchild
goddammit goddamn goddamned godfather godly
godmother godparent Gothic gotta gotten
gouge gourmand gourmet gout Gov.
govern governance governess governing government
governmental governor Governor-General gown GP
GPS grace graceful graceless gracious
grad gradation grade crossing grade school graded reader
gradient gradual graduate school graduate student graduated
graduation grain elevator grainy grammar grammar school
grammarian grammatical gramme gramophone gran
granary grand grand jury grand piano Grand Prix
Grand Tour grandaddy grandchild granddad granddaughter
grandeur grandfather grandfather clock grandma Grandmaster
grandpa grandson grandstand granite grant
grant-maintained granted granular granulated sugar granule
grape grapefruit grapevine graph graph paper
graphic design graphic designer griddle gridlock grief
grief-stricken grievance grieve grievous grievous bodily harm
griffin grill grille Grim Reaper grime
grimy grin grinder grisly grist
gristle gritty grizzled grizzly grocer
grocery grog groggy groin grooming
grooved groovy grope gross gross national product
grotesque grotto grotty grouch grouchy
ground crew ground floor ground level ground plan groundbreaking
groundcloth groundhog groundless groundskeeper groundsman
groundswell groundwater groundwork group groupie
grouping grouse grove grovel grow
grower growing season growl grown grown-up
growth grub grubby grudge grudge match

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