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To meet the needs of people learning English, Reverso offers a free English dictionary that goes far beyond what a normal monolingual dictionary or thesaurus can provide by explaining the use of words and phrases in natural language and providing real-life examples. This English dictionary for learners features definitions written in language that is easy to understand, examples taken from actual texts and conversations, and explanations of grammar.

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flame-retardant flame-thrower flameproof flaming flamingo
flammable flan flange flannel flap
flare floor florin florist floss
flotation flotilla flotsam flounce flounder
flour flourish flout flow flow chart
flower flower arranging flower power flowered flowering
flowerpot flowery flown flu fluctuate
flue fluff fluffy fluid fluid ounce
fluke flummox flunk flunkey fluoridation
fluoride fluorine flurry flush flushed
flute fluting flutist flux fly
fly-by-night fly-drive fly-fishing fly-on-the-wall flyaway
flyby flyer flying flying doctor flying fish
flying saucer flying visit flyleaf flyover flypast
flyweight flywheel FM FMCG fo'c'sle
foal foam foamy fob focus
focus group focused forced forceful forcible
fore forearm forebear foreboding forecast
forecaster forecastle foreclose foreclosure forecourt
foredeck forefather forefinger forefoot forego
foregoing foregone foreground forehand forehead
foreign foreign body foreign exchange Foreign Office foreign service
foreigner forelock foreman foremost forename
forenoon forensic foreplay forerunner foresee
foreseeable foreshadow foreshorten forest forestall
forested forester forestry foretaste foretell
forethought foretold forever forewent foreword
forex forfeit forfeiture forgave forge
forgery forget-me-not forgettable forgivable forgiveness
forgotten forked forked lightning forkful forklift truck
form formal formaldehyde formalise formalism
formalize formative former formerly Formica
formidable framework franchisee franchiser Franco-
frankfurter frankincense frankly frantic fraternal
fraternize fratricidal fratricide fraudster fray
freak freaky freckle free free agent
free and easy free enterprise free fall free form free house
free kick free love free port free radical free spirit
free-floating free-for-all free-range free-standing free-thinker
freebie freedom freehand freeholder freelance
freelancer freeloader freely freeman Freemason
freemasonry freephone Freepost freer freesia
freeware freewheel freewheeling freeze-frame freezing point
freight French bread French Canadian French horn French polish

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