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To meet the needs of people learning English, Reverso offers a free English dictionary that goes far beyond what a normal monolingual dictionary or thesaurus can provide by explaining the use of words and phrases in natural language and providing real-life examples. This English dictionary for learners features definitions written in language that is easy to understand, examples taken from actual texts and conversations, and explanations of grammar.

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faintest fair fair game fair sex fair trade
fairground farmers' market farmhand farming farmland
farrago farrier fart farther farthest
farthing fascia fascinate fascinated fascinating
fascination fascism fashion fast fast food
fast-breeder reactor fasten fastener fastening fastness
fat cat fatal fatalism fatalistic fatality
fate fated fateful father Father Christmas
father figure Father's Day father-in-law fatherhood fatherland
fatherless fatherly fathom fatigue fatigued
fatiguing fatten fattening fatty fatuous
fatwa faucet fault fault line faultless
faulty faun fauna faux pas fava bean
fave favouritism fawn fax FBI
fear fearful fearless fearsome feasible
feast feather feather boa feather duster featherweight
feathery feature featureless Feb. febrile
February fecal feces few fey
fez fiancé fiancée fiasco fiat
fibre fibre optics fibreglass fibroid fibrous
fibula fickle fiction fictional fictionalize
fictitious fiddle fiddling fidget fief
field field mouse fielder fieldwork fiendish
fiery fife fifteen fifteenth fifth
fiftieth fifty fifty-fifty fig fig.
fight fightback fighter figment figurative
figure figure eight figure of eight figure of speech figure skating
figure-hugging figurine filament filch file
filial filibuster filigree filing cabinet Filipino
fill filler fillet fillip filly
film film noir filming filo Filofax
filter filter tip filth filthy filtration
fin First Minister first name first night first offender
First World First World War first-class first-degree first-past-the-post
first-rate first-timer fiscal fiscal year fish
fish and chip shop fish cake fish finger fish knife fish slice
fisherman fishery fishing tackle fishmonger fishnet
fishwife fission fissure fist fistful
fisticuffs fit {1} fit {2} fitful fitted
five fiver fixation fixative fixer
fixity fixture fizz fizzle fizzy
fjord fl. oz. flabby flaccid Flag Day
flag-waving flagellation flagrant flagstone flail
flair flak flak jacket flaky flame

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