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1       n-uncount   If a country has or gains independence, it has its own government and is not ruled by any other country.  
In 1816, Argentina declared its independence from Spain.     
2       n-uncount   Someone's independence is the fact that they do not rely on other people.  
oft poss N  
He was afraid of losing his independence.     

Independence Day     
A country's Independence Day is the day on which its people celebrate their independence from another country that ruled them in the past. In the United States, Independence Day is celebrated each year on 4th July.      n-uncount  
He died on Independence Day, 1831.     
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autarchy, autonomy, freedom, home rule, liberty, self-determination, self-government, self-reliance, self-rule, self-sufficiency, separation, sovereignty  
   bondage, dependence, subjection, subjugation, subordination, subservience  

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