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1       adj   Something that is inappropriate is not useful or suitable for a particular situation or purpose.,   (Antonym: appropriate)    There is no suggestion that clients have been sold inappropriate policies.     
  inappropriately      adv   ADV with v  
He was dressed inappropriately for the heat in a dark suit.     
2       adj   If you say that someone's speech or behaviour in a particular situation is inappropriate, you are criticizing it because you think it is not suitable for that situation.  
oft ADJ for n, it v-link ADJ to-inf     (disapproval)    I feel the remark was inappropriate for such a serious issue...     
  inappropriately      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj  
You have the law on your side if the bank is acting inappropriately.     
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disproportionate, ill-fitted, ill-suited, ill-timed, improper, incongruous, malapropos, out of place, tasteless, unbecoming, unbefitting, unfit, unfitting, unseemly, unsuitable, untimely  
   appropriate, becoming, congruous, fitting, proper, seemly, suitable, timely  

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