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  ( inadequacies    plural  )
1       n-var   The inadequacy of something is the fact that there is not enough of it, or that it is not good enough.  
oft the N of n   (=deficiency)     (Antonym: adequacy)    ...the inadequacy of the water supply...     
2       n-uncount   If someone has feelings of inadequacy, they feel that they do not have the qualities and abilities necessary to do something or to cope with life in general.   (=accidentally)  
...his deep-seated sense of inadequacy.     
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1    dearth, deficiency, inadequateness, incompleteness, insufficiency, meagreness, paucity, poverty, scantiness, shortage, skimpiness  
2    defectiveness, faultiness, inability, inaptness, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency, ineffectiveness, inefficacy, unfitness, unsuitableness  
3    defect, failing, imperfection, lack, shortage, shortcoming, weakness  

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Expression used when faced with somebody else's stupidity or inadequacy. It can be used to convey dismay, disappointment, ridicule, or disapproval.
[Hum.];[Fam.] When someone does something stupid, instinctively, your palm hits your own face or forehead. That entire series of action is now reduced to a single word: facepalm.
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