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  ( imperatives    plural  )
1       adj   If it is imperative that something is done, that thing is extremely important and must be done.  
FORMAL   usu v-link ADJ   (=vital)  
It was imperative that he act as naturally as possible...     
2       n-count   An imperative is something that is extremely important and must be done.  
FORMAL   usu with supp  
The most important political imperative is to limit the number of US casualties.     
3       n-sing   In grammar, a clause that is in the imperative, or in the imperative mood, contains the base form of a verb and usually has no subject. Examples are `Go away' and `Please be careful'. Clauses of this kind are typically used to tell someone to do something.  
the N  
4       n-count   An imperative is a verb in the base form that is used, usually without a subject, in an imperative clause.  
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1    compulsory, crucial, essential, exigent, indispensable, insistent, obligatory, pressing, urgent, vital  
2    authoritative, autocratic, commanding, dictatorial, domineering, high-handed, imperious, lordly, magisterial, peremptory  
1    avoidable, discretional, nonessential, optional, unimportant, unnecessary  

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