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1       adj   An immediate result, action, or reaction happens or is done without any delay.  
usu ADJ n   (=instant)  
These tragic incidents have had an immediate effect..., My immediate reaction was just disgust.     
2       adj   Immediate needs and concerns exist at the present time and must be dealt with quickly.  
usu ADJ n   (=pressing)  
Relief agencies say the immediate problem is not a lack of food, but transportation.     
3       adj   The immediate person or thing comes just before or just after another person or thing in a sequence.  
ADJ n  
His immediate superior, General Geichenko, had singled him out for special mention.     
4       adj   You use immediate to describe an area or position that is next to or very near a particular place or person.  
ADJ n  
Only a handful had returned to work in the immediate vicinity...     
5       adj   Your immediate family are the members of your family who are most closely related to you, for example your parents, children, brothers, and sisters.  
ADJ n  
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1    instant, instantaneous  
2    adjacent, close, contiguous, direct, near, nearest, next, primary, proximate, recent  
3    actual, current, existing, extant, on hand, present, pressing, up to date, urgent  
   delayed, distant, far, late, later, leisurely, postponed, remote, slow, tardy  

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