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  ( imitations    plural  )
1       n-count   An imitation of something is a copy of it.  
oft N of n  
...the most accurate imitation of Chinese architecture in Europe.     
2       n-uncount   Imitation means copying someone else's actions.  
oft in N of n  
They discussed important issues in imitation of their elders...     
3       adj   Imitation things are not genuine but are made to look as if they are.  
ADJ n  
...a complete set of Dickens bound in imitation leather.     
4       n-count   If someone does an imitationof another person, they copy the way they speak or behave, sometimes in order to be funny.  
usu N of n   (=impersonation)  
He gave his imitation of Queen Elizabeth's royal wave...     
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1    aping, copy, counterfeit, counterfeiting, duplication, echoing, likeness, mimicry, resemblance, simulation  
2    carbon copy     (informal)   fake, forgery, impersonation, impression, mockery, parody, reflection, replica, reproduction, sham, substitution, takeoff     (informal)   travesty  
3    artificial, dummy, ersatz, man-made, mock, phoney or phony     (informal)   pseudo     (informal)   repro, reproduction, sham, simulated, synthetic  
,       adj   authentic, genuine, original, real, true, valid  

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