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  ( hushes    3rd person present)   ( hushing    present participle)   ( hushed    past tense & past participle  )
1       convention   You say `Hush!' to someone when you are asking or telling them to be quiet.  
Hush, my love, it's all right.     
2       verb   If you hush someone or if they hush, they stop speaking or making a noise.  
She tried to hush her noisy father...      V n  
I had to box Max's ears to get him to hush.      V  
3       n-sing   You say there is a hush in a place when everything is quiet and peaceful, or suddenly becomes quiet.  
also no det   (=silence)  
A hush fell over the crowd and I knew something terrible had happened.      hush up      phrasal verb   If someone hushes something up, they prevent other people from knowing about it.   (=cover up)  
The scandal has been discussed by the politburo, although the authorities have tried to hush it up...      V n P  
The Ministry desperately tried to hush up the whole affair.      V P n (not pron)  

Something that is hush-hush is secret and not to be discussed with other people.  
INFORMAL      adj   (=secret)  
Apparently there's a very hush-hush project under way up north...     
hush money     
If a person is paid hush money, someone gives them money not to reveal information they have which could be damaging or embarrassing.  
INFORMAL      n-uncount  
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1    mute, muzzle, quieten, shush, silence, still, suppress  
2    allay, appease, calm, compose, mollify, soothe  
3    calm, peace, peacefulness, quiet, silence, still     (poetic)   stillness, tranquillity  

classified, confidential, restricted, secret, top-secret, under wraps  
hush up     
conceal, cover up, draw a veil over, keep dark, keep secret, sit on     (informal)   smother, squash, suppress, sweep under the carpet     (informal)  

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