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hunger strike

     ( hunger strikes    plural  ) If someone goes onhunger strike or goes on a hunger strike, they refuse to eat as a way of protesting about something.      n-var  
The protesters have been on hunger strike for 17 days...     
  hunger striker     ( hunger strikers    plural)    n-count  
The five hunger strikers in London called off their strike and celebrated the good news.     
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1    appetite, emptiness, esurience, famine, hungriness, ravenousness, starvation, voracity  
2    ache, appetence, appetite, craving, desire, greediness, itch, lust, thirst, yearning, yen     (informal)  
3    ache, crave, desire, hanker, hope, itch, long, pine, starve, thirst, want, wish, yearn  

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