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  ( aces    plural  )
1       n-count   An ace is a playing card with a single symbol on it. In most card games, the ace of a particular suit has either the highest or the lowest value of the cards in that suit.  
oft N of n  
...the ace of hearts.     
2       n-count   If you describe someone such as a sports player as an ace, you mean that they are very good at what they do.     (JOURNALISM)   usu with supp, oft n N  
...former motor-racing ace Stirling Moss.     
      Ace is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n  
...ace horror-film producer Lawrence Woolsey.     
3       adj   If you say that something is ace, you think that it is good and you like it a lot.  
INFORMAL, approval   ...a really ace film.     
4       n-count   In tennis, an ace is a serve which is so fast that the other player cannot reach the ball.  
5    If you say that someone holds all the aces, you mean that they have all the advantages in a contest or situation.  
hold all the aces             phrase   V inflects  
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hold          [1]     ( holds    plural & 3rd person present)   ( holding    present participle)   ( held    past tense & past participle  )   (PHYSICALLY TOUCHING, SUPPORTING, OR CONTAINING)  
1       verb   When you hold    something, you carry or support it, using your hands or your arms.      
Hold the knife at an angle...      V n prep/adv  
He held the pistol in his right hand...      V n  
      Hold is also a noun., n-count   usu sing  
He released his hold on the camera.     
2       n-uncount   Hold is used in expressions such as grab hold of, catch hold of, and get hold of, to indicate that you close your hand tightly around something, for example to stop something moving or falling.  
N of n  
I was woken up by someone grabbing hold of my sleeping bag..., A doctor and a nurse caught hold of his arms...     
3       verb   When you hold    someone, you put your arms round them, usually because you want to show them how much you like them or because you want to comfort them.      
If only he would hold her close to him.      V n adv, Also V n  
4       verb   If you hold    someone in a particular position, you use force to keep them in that position and stop them from moving.      
He then held the man in an armlock until police arrived...      V n prep  
I'd got two nurses holding me down.      V n with adv, Also V n  
5       n-count   A hold    is a particular way of keeping someone in a position using your own hands, arms, or legs.      
...use of an unauthorized hold on a handcuffed suspect.     
6       verb   When you hold    a part of your body, you put your hand on or against it, often because it hurts.      
Soon she was crying bitterly about the pain and was holding her throat.      V n  
7       verb   When you hold    a part of your body in a particular position, you put it into that position and keep it there.      
Hold your hands in front of your face...      V n prep/adv  
He walked at a rapid pace with his back straight and his head held erect.      V-ed, Also V n adj  
8       verb   If one thing holds another in a particular position, it keeps it in that position.  
...the wooden wedge which held the heavy door open...      V n with adv  
They used steel pins to hold everything in place.      V n prep  
9       verb   If one thing is used to hold    another, it is used to store it.       (=store)  
Two knife racks hold her favourite knives.      V n  
10       n-count   In a ship or aeroplane, a hold    is a place where cargo or luggage is stored.      
oft n N  
A fire had been reported in the cargo hold.     
11       verb   If a place holds something, it keeps it available for reference or for future use.  
The Small Firms Service holds an enormous amount of information on any business problem...      V n  
12       verb   If something holds a particular amount of something, it can contain that amount.  
no cont  
One CD-ROM disk can hold over 100,000 pages of text.      V n  
13       verb   If a vehicle holds the road well, it remains in close contact with the road and can be controlled safely and easily.  
I thought the car held the road really well.      V n adv, Also V n  

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1    have, keep, maintain, occupy, own, possess, retain  
2    adhere, clasp, cleave, clinch, cling, clutch, cradle, embrace, enfold, grasp, grip, stick  
3    arrest, bind, check, confine, curb, detain, impound, imprison, pound, restrain, stay, stop, suspend  
4    assume, believe, consider, deem, entertain, esteem, judge, maintain, presume, reckon, regard, think, view  
5    continue, endure, last, persevere, persist, remain, resist, stay, wear  
6    assemble, call, carry on, celebrate, conduct, convene, have, officiate at, preside over, run, solemnize  
7    bear, brace, carry, prop, shoulder, support, sustain, take  
8    accommodate, comprise, contain, have a capacity for, seat, take  
9    apply, be in force, be the case, exist, hold good, operate, remain true, remain valid, stand up  
10    hold one's own      do well, hold fast, hold out, keep one's head above water, keep pace, keep up, maintain one's position, stand firm, stand one's ground, stay put, stick to one's guns     (informal)  
11    clasp, clutch, grasp, grip  
12    anchorage, foothold, footing, leverage, prop, purchase, stay, support, vantage  
13    ascendancy, authority, clout     (informal)   control, dominance, dominion, influence, mastery, pull     (informal)   sway  
1    bestow, give, give up, hand over, offer, turn over  
2    come undone, let go, loosen  
3    free, let go, let loose, release  
4    deny, disavow, disclaim, put down, refute, reject  
5    give up, give way  
6    call off, cancel, postpone  
7    break, give way  

hold back  
1    check, control, curb, inhibit, rein, repress, restrain, stem the flow, suppress  
2    desist, forbear, keep back, refuse, withhold  
hold forth     
declaim, descant, discourse, go on, harangue, lecture, orate, preach, speak, speechify, spiel     (informal)   spout     (informal)  
hold off  
1    avoid, defer, delay, keep from, postpone, put off, refrain  
2    fend off, keep off, rebuff, repel, repulse, stave off  
hold out  
1    extend, give, offer, present, proffer  
2    carry on, continue, endure, hang on, last, persevere, persist, stand fast, stay the course, withstand  
hold over     
adjourn, defer, delay, postpone, put off, suspend, take a rain check on     (U.S. & Canad. informal)   waive  
1    bottleneck, delay, difficulty, hitch, obstruction, setback, snag, stoppage, traffic jam, trouble, wait  
2    burglary, mugging     (informal)   robbery, steaming     (informal)   stick-up     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   theft  
hold up  
1    delay, detain, hinder, impede, retard, set back, slow down, stop  
2    bolster, brace, buttress, jack up, prop, shore up, support, sustain  
3    mug     (informal)   rob, stick up     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   waylay  
4    display, exhibit, flaunt, present, show  
5    bear up, endure, last, survive, wear  
hold with     
agree to or with, approve of, be in favour of, countenance, subscribe to, support, take kindly to  
   be against, disagree with, disapprove of, hold out against, oppose  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
intensifying expression, often used with "look"
he looked for all the world as if he was going to cry: il avait vraiment l'air d'être sur le point de pleurer
"It's a list of all the people and things I hate so much I want to hit them in the face with a shovel." Concept coming from the Marian Keyes novel, The Mystery of Mercy Close (2012).
means that the figure quoted is increasing all the time
my overdraft is a thousand euros and counting; they have three kids and counting
Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences to support his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"
HR jargon term used to refer to an ideal applicant for a job; an applicant that meets all the requirements of a job description
[HR]; [Jargon] The term was adopted by the HR community based on the presumption that finding an ideal candidate for a job is as likely to happen as finding a purple squirrel
expression used for letting someone know that he/she should prepare for a difficult or unpleasant upcoming event
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
expression used when referring to something that is unlikely to happen soon (not in the time interval that one can resist holding his breath)
E.g.: "Will the economy recover any soon?" - "Don't hold your breath."
in spite of the flaws/minuses/disadvantages; with goods and bads; with minuses and pluses
love / accept smb. flaws and all = love /accept smb. as he/she is, with qualities and flaws.
liked best of all
[US] Example Sentence: Reverso is my newest favorite online dictionary so I have shared it with my EAL students in the high school.
expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen
originating from horse racing where "all bets are off" indicated that bets already made were null due to various unpredicted factors
all right; runing smoothly
[Slang];[UK] Everything is tickety-boo with building our new house; soon we will move in.
all right; good, OK, satisfactory
have everything together; have all things settled/organized
E.g.: Just when I had got all my ducks in a row and I was ready to go, I received a call and had to cancel my trip.
It is right of every netizen to hold any opinion in cyberspace without any sanction.
[Tech.] freedom of expression
expression referring to the belief that those who hold the power are entitled to anything
User’s online presence that hold the potential to be the key to ones online identity, value and worth.
Actual hold of digital assets with or without lawful title.
[Tech.];[Leg.] hold of digital assets
Actual hold (complete or partial control) of digital assets with or without lawful title
[Tech.];[Leg.] hold of digital assets in cyberspace
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