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  ( hoaxes    plural  ) A hoax is a trick in which someone tells people a lie, for example that there is a bomb somewhere when there is not, or that a picture is genuine when it is not.      n-count   usu with supp, oft N n  
He denied making the hoax call but was convicted after a short trial.     
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      n   canard, cheat, con     (informal)   deception, fast one     (informal)   fraud, imposture, joke, practical joke, prank, ruse, spoof     (informal)   swindle, trick  
      vb   bamboozle     (informal)   befool, bluff, con     (slang)   deceive, delude, dupe, fool, gammon     (Brit. informal)   gull     (archaic)   hoodwink, hornswoggle     (slang)   kid     (informal)   swindle, take in     (informal)   take (someone) for a ride     (informal)   trick, wind up     (Brit. slang)  

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