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  ( grudges    plural  ) If you have or bear a grudgeagainst someone, you have unfriendly feelings towards them because of something they did in the past.      n-count   oft N against n  
He appears to have a grudge against certain players..., There is no doubt it was an accident and I bear no grudges.     

grudge match        ( grudge matches    plural  ) You can call a contest between two people or groups a grudge match when they dislike each other.      n-count  
This is something of a grudge match against a long-term enemy.     
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      n   animosity, animus, antipathy, aversion, bitterness, chip on one's shoulder     (informal)   dislike, enmity, grievance, hard feelings, hate, ill will, malevolence, malice, pique, rancour, resentment, spite, venom  
      vb   begrudge, be reluctant, complain, covet, envy, hold back, mind, resent, stint  
,       n   appreciation, goodwill, liking, thankfulness  
      vb   be glad for, celebrate, welcome  

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