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  ( grubs    plural & 3rd person present)   ( grubbing    present participle)   ( grubbed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A grub is a young insect which has just come out of an egg and looks like a short fat worm.  
2       n-uncount   Grub is food.  
INFORMAL   Get yourself some grub and come and sit down.     
3       verb   If you grub around, you search for something.  
I simply cannot face grubbing through all this paper.      V adv/prep  
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1    burrow, dig up, probe, pull up, root     (informal)   rootle     (Brit.)   search for, uproot  
2    ferret, forage, hunt, rummage, scour, search, uncover, unearth  
3    drudge, grind     (informal)   labour, plod, slave, slog, sweat, toil  
4    caterpillar, larva, maggot  
5      (slang)   eats     (slang)   feed, food, nosebag     (slang)   nosh     (slang)   rations, sustenance, tack     (informal)   victuals, vittles     (obsolete or dialect)  

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