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  ( grows    3rd person present)   ( growing    present participle)   ( grew    past tense)   ( grown    past participle  )
1       verb   When people, animals, and plants grow, they increase in size and change physically over a period of time.  
We stop growing at maturity.      V  
2       verb   If a plant or tree grows in a particular place, it is alive there.  
The station had roses growing at each end of the platform.      V  
3       verb   If you grow a particular type of plant, you put seeds or young plants in the ground and look after them as they develop.  
I always grow a few red onions...      V n  
4       verb   When someone's hair grows, it gradually becomes longer. Your nails also grow.  
Then the hair began to grow again and I felt terrific.      V  
5       verb   If someone grows their hair, or grows a beard or moustache, they stop cutting their hair or shaving so that their hair becomes longer. You can also grow your nails.  
I'd better start growing my hair.      V n  
6       verb   If someone grows mentally, they change and develop in character or attitude.  
They began to grow as persons.      V  
7       v-link   You use grow to say that someone or something gradually changes until they have a new quality, feeling, or attitude.  
I grew a little afraid of the guy next door...      V adj  
He grew to love his work.      V to-inf  
8       verb   If an amount, feeling, or problem grows, it becomes greater or more intense.  
Opposition grew and the government agreed to negotiate.      V  
...a growing number of immigrants.      V-ing  
9       verb   If one thing grows into another, it develops or changes until it becomes that thing.  
The boys grew into men...      V into n  
This political row threatens to grow into a full blown crisis.      V into n  
10       verb   If something such as an idea or a plan grows out of something else, it develops from it.  
The idea for this book grew out of conversations with Philippa Brewster.      V out of n  
11       verb   If the economy or a business grows, it increases in wealth, size, or importance.     (BUSINESS)  
The economy continues to grow.      V  
...a fast growing business.      V-ing  
12       verb   If someone grows a business, they take actions that will cause it to increase in wealth, size, or importance.     (BUSINESS)  
To grow the business, he needs to develop management expertise and innovation across his team.      V n  
13       verb   If a crystal grows, or if a scientist grows it, it forms from a solution.  
...crystals that grow in cavities in the rock...      V  
We tried to grow some copper sulphate crystals with our children.      V n  
    grown   grow apart      phrasal verb   If people who have a close relationship grow apart, they gradually start to have different interests and opinions from each other, and their relationship starts to fail.  
He and his wife grew apart...      pl-n V P  
It sounds as if you have grown apart from Tom.      V P from n   grow into      phrasal verb   When a child grows into an item of clothing, they become taller or bigger so that it fits them properly.  
It's a bit big, but she'll soon grow into it.      V P n   grow on      phrasal verb   If someone or something grows on you, you start to like them more and more.  
Slowly and strangely, the place began to grow on me.      V P n   grow out of  
1       phrasal verb   If you grow out of a type of behaviour or an interest, you stop behaving in that way or having that interest, as you develop or change.   (=outgrow)  
Most children who stammer grow out of it.      V P P n  
2       phrasal verb   When a child grows out of an item of clothing, they become so tall or big that it no longer fits them properly.   (=outgrow)  
You've grown out of your shoes again.      V P P n   grow up  
1       phrasal verb   When someone grows up, they gradually change from being a child into being an adult.  
She grew up in Tokyo.      V P  
2       phrasal verb   If you tell someone to grow up, you are telling them to stop behaving in a silly or childish way.  
INFORMAL   usu imper     (disapproval)    It's time you grew up.      V P  
3       phrasal verb   If something grows up, it starts to exist and then becomes larger or more important.  
A variety of heavy industries grew up alongside the port.      V P  
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  


1    develop, enlarge, expand, extend, fill out, get bigger, get taller, heighten, increase, multiply, spread, stretch, swell, thicken, widen  
2    develop, flourish, germinate, shoot, spring up, sprout, vegetate  
3    arise, issue, originate, spring, stem  
4    advance, expand, flourish, improve, progress, prosper, succeed, thrive  
5    become, come to be, develop (into), get, turn, wax  
6    breed, cultivate, farm, nurture, produce, propagate, raise  
   decline, decrease, die, diminish, dwindle, fail, lessen, shrink, subside, wane  

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grow a pair exp.
be a man

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