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  ( groups    plural & 3rd person present)   ( grouping    present participle)   ( grouped    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count-coll   A groupof people or things is a number of people or things which are together in one place at one time.  
oft N of n  
The trouble involved a small group of football supporters..., The students work in groups on complex problems.     
2       n-count   A group is a set of people who have the same interests or aims, and who organize themselves to work or act together.  
usu supp N  
...the Minority Rights Group..., Members of an environmental group are staging a protest inside a chemical plant.     
3       n-count   A group is a set of people, organizations, or things which are considered together because they have something in common.  
usu supp N  
She is among the most promising players in her age group..., As a group, today's old people are still relatively deprived.     
4       n-count   A group is a number of separate commercial or industrial firms which all have the same owner.     (BUSINESS)   usu supp N  
The group made a pre-tax profit of £1.05 million., ...a French-based insurance group.     
5       n-count   A group is a number of musicians who perform together, especially ones who play popular music.   (=band)  
At school he played bass in a pop group called The Urge., ...Billy Bragg's backing group.     
6       verb   If a number of things or people are grouped together or group together, they are together in one place or within one organization or system.  
The fact sheets are grouped into seven sections...      be V-ed prep  
The G-7 organization groups together the world's seven leading industrialized nations...      V pl-n with together  
We want to encourage them to group together to act as a big purchaser.      V together, Also V n prep  
    blood group  
    ginger group  
    pressure group  

adjective group        ( adjective groups    plural  ) An adjective group or adjectival group is a group of words based on an adjective, such as `very nice' or `interested in football'. An adjective group can also consist simply of an adjective.      n-count  
adverb group        ( adverb groups    plural  ) An adverb group or adverbial group is a group of words based on an adverb, such as `very slowly' or `fortunately for us'. An adverb group can also consist simply of an adverb.      n-count  
age group        ( age groups    plural  ) An age group is the people in a place or organization who were born during a particular period of time, for example all the people aged between 18 and 25.      n-count  
...a style that would appeal to all age groups.     
blood group        ( blood groups    plural  ) Someone's blood group is the type of blood that they have in their body. There are four main types: A, B, AB, and O.      n-count   oft poss N   (=blood type)  
discussion group        ( discussion groups    plural  ) A discussion group is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss a particular subject.      n-count  
focus group        ( focus groups    plural  ) A focus group is a specially selected group of people who are intended to represent the general public. Focus groups have discussions in which their opinions are recorded as a form of market research.      n-count  
ginger group        ( ginger groups    plural  ) A ginger group is a group of people who have similar ideas and who work together, especially within a larger organization, to try to persuade others to accept their ideas.  
  (BRIT)      n-count   usu sing  
I set up a ginger group on the environment.     
group therapy     
Group therapy is a form of psychiatric treatment in which a group of people discuss their problems with each other.      n-uncount  
nominal group        ( nominal groups    plural  ) A nominal group is the same as a noun group.      n-count  
noun group        ( noun groups    plural  ) A noun group is a noun or pronoun, or a group of words based on a noun or pronoun. In the sentence, `He put the bottle of wine on the kitchen table', `He', `the bottle of wine', and `the kitchen table' are all noun groups.      n-count   (=noun phrase)  
peer group        ( peer groups    plural  ) Your peer group is the group of people you know who are the same age as you or who have the same social status as you.      n-count  
It is important for a manager to be able to get the support of his peer group.     
pressure group        ( pressure groups    plural  ) A pressure group is an organized group of people who are trying to persuade a government or other authority to do something, for example to change a law.      n-count  
...the environmental pressure group Greenpeace.     
splinter group        ( splinter groups    plural  ) A splinter group is a group of people who break away from a larger group and form a separate organization, usually because they no longer agree with the views of the larger group.      n-count  
support group        ( support groups    plural  ) A support group is an organization run by and for people who have a particular problem or medical condition.      n-count   oft with supp  
She attended a cancer support group at her local hospital.     
user group        ( user groups    plural  ) A user group is a group of people with the same interests, who use a particular product or service.      n-count  
PLATFORM is an alliance of more than 80 rail-user groups., ...the IBM PC User Group.     
verb group        ( verb groups    plural  ) A verb group or verbal group consists of a verb, or of a main verb following a modal or one or more auxiliaries. Examples are `walked', `can see', and `had been waiting'.      n-count  
women's group        ( women's groups    plural  ) A women's group is a group of women who meet regularly, usually in order to organize campaigns.      n-count  
working group        ( working groups    plural  ) A working group is the same as a working party.      n-count-coll  
There will be a working group on international issues.     
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1    aggregation, assemblage, association, band, batch, bevy, bunch, camp, category, circle, class, clique, clump, cluster, collection, company, congregation, coterie, crowd, faction, formation, gang, gathering, organization, pack, party, posse     (slang)   set, troop  
2    arrange, assemble, associate, assort, bracket, class, classify, dispose, gather, marshal, order, organize, put together, range, sort  
3    associate, band together, cluster, congregate, consort, fraternize, gather, get together  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
Refers to a teen’s group of friends.
Usually employed as "squad goals": term used to describe who you want your group to be or what you want your group to accomplish.
a small group of people or things within a much larger group
There are a lot of national minorities in my home country (Denmark). We have a lot of people from Poland, Somalia etc.
Term used to describe who one wants their group to be or what they want their group to accomplish.
[Slang] This has been made popular by Taylor Swift and her fleet of Twitter followers. "Oh my gosh, they are seriously squad goals!"
Arotten apple is a member of a group, or a single element in a set of things, that is bad and likely to corrupt the other people or things in the group
Allusion to the expression "One bad apple spoils the barrel"
the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
1:to utter taunting words 2:to deride or tease with taunting words 'The Gridiron Show group joked with and gibed at those in the Memphis power structure, politicians mostly. Rarely did anyone get their feelings hurt by the skits in the shows…." — Toby Sells, Memphis Magazine, December 2014
a group selfie ; a picture taken by one person next to other people, usually to share it through social media
[Slang] comes from the combination of "selfie" and "us"
a group to vote for as a whole, not by individuals.
a term used on voting ballots
[subj: poiicemen] to herd [demonstrators] into a compact group in order to control their movements
police crowd management technique that consists of herding people into a compact group. AKA corralling
a group of people who decide to meet and make purchases at a local business. The aim is both to support it and to meet up with the community.
Inspired by the phenomenon of flash mobs, which refers to groups of people mobilized by social media to perform entertaining or unusual acts in public, such as choreographies
competitive set: a group of other brands offering a similar product or service, to the same consumers
expression used to describe an attempt to organize a difficult or unpredictable situation; trying to coordinate a group of people who tend to act chaotically
[Bus.] E.g: Some say that managing a team is herding cats.
When a large group of competing corporations hope to use the government to protect or enhance their interests.
Economic Term.
(#BD) In humanocracy, a revocable delegate member of a group of 25 delegators, chosen and controlled by them. 25 basis delegates can choose a council delegate.
Anarchists in Spain have chosen basis delegates in 1936. Similar delegates have been chosen during many struggles of the people : shop stewards in UK, revocable delegates in Italy during the 70th.
(#CD) In humanocracy, a revocable delegate member of a group of 25 basis delegates, chosen and controlled by them. 25 council delegates can choose a deputy-delegate.
An avant-garde, experimental and encyclopaedism-focused poetry group founded by Chinese epic poet Yin Xiaoyuan
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