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  ( grotesques    plural  )
1       adj   You say that something is grotesque when it is so unnatural, unpleasant, and exaggerated that it upsets or shocks you.  
...the grotesque disparities between the wealthy few and nearly everyone else., ...a country where grotesque abuses are taking place.     
  grotesquely      adv  
He called it the most grotesquely tragic experience that he's ever had.     
2       adj   If someone or something is grotesque, they are very ugly.   (=hideous)  
They tried to avoid looking at his grotesque face and his crippled body.     
  grotesquely      adv   ADV adj/-ed  
...grotesquely deformed beggars.     
3       n-count   A grotesque is a person who is very ugly in a strange or unnatural way, especially one in a novel or painting.  
Grass's novels are peopled with outlandish characters: grotesques, clowns, scarecrows, dwarfs.     
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absurd, bizarre, deformed, distorted, extravagant, fanciful, fantastic, freakish, incongruous, ludicrous, malformed, misshapen, odd, outlandish, preposterous, ridiculous, strange, unnatural, weird, whimsical  
   average, classic, graceful, natural, normal, realistic  

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