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  ( grinders    plural  )
1       n-count   In a kitchen, a grinder is a device for crushing food such as coffee or meat into small pieces or into a powder.  
oft n N electric coffee grinder.     
2       n-count   A grinder is a machine or tool for sharpening, smoothing, or polishing the surface of something.  
oft supp N  

coffee grinder        ( coffee grinders    plural  ) A coffee grinder is a machine for grinding coffee beans.      n-count  
meat grinder        ( meat grinders    plural  ) A meat grinder is a machine which cuts meat into very small pieces by forcing it through very small holes.  
  (AM)      n-count  
in BRIT, use mincer     
organ grinder        ( organ grinders    plural  ) , organ-grinder   An organ grinder was an entertainer who played a barrel organ in the streets.      n-count  
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