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  ( gouges    3rd person present)   ( gouging    present participle)   ( gouged    past tense & past participle  ) If you gouge something, you make a hole or a long cut in it, usually with a pointed object.      verb  
He gouged her cheek with a screwdriver.      V n prep   gouge out             phrasal verb   To gouge out    a piece or part of something means to cut, dig, or force it from the surrounding surface. You can also gouge out    a hole in the ground.         
He has accused her of threatening to gouge his eyes out.      V n P  
...stripping off the soil and gouging out gold or iron ore.      V P n (not pron)  
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      vb   chisel, claw, cut, dig (out), gash, hollow (out), incise, scoop, score, scratch  
      n   cut, furrow, gash, groove, hollow, incision, notch, scoop, score, scratch, trench  

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