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  ( glorifies    3rd person present)   ( glorifying    present participle)   ( glorified    past tense & past participle  ) To glorify something means to praise it or make it seem good or special, usually when it is not.      verb  
This magazine in no way glorifies gangs.      V n  
...the banning of songs glorifying war and racism.      V n  
  glorification      n-uncount  
...the glorification of violence.     
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1    add lustre to, adorn, aggrandize, augment, dignify, elevate, enhance, ennoble, illuminate, immortalize, lift up, magnify, raise  
2    adore, apotheosize, beatify, bless, canonize, deify, enshrine, exalt, honour, idolize, pay homage to, revere, sanctify, venerate, worship  
3    celebrate, crack up     (informal)   cry up     (informal)   eulogize, extol, hymn, laud, lionize, magnify, panegyrize, praise, sing or sound the praises of  
   condemn, debase, defile, degrade, desecrate, dishonour, humiliate, mock  

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