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  ( germs    plural  )
1       n-count   A germ is a very small organism that causes disease.  
Chlorine is widely used to kill germs., ...a germ that destroyed hundreds of millions of lives.     
2       n-sing   The germ of something such as an idea is something which developed or might develop into that thing.  
N of n  
The germ of an idea took root in Rosemary's mind...     

germ warfare     
Germ warfare is the use of germs in a war in order to cause disease in enemy troops, or to destroy crops that they might use as food.      n-uncount international treaty banning germ warfare.     
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1    bacterium, bug     (informal)   microbe, microorganism, virus  
2    beginning, bud, cause, embryo, origin, root, rudiment, seed, source, spark  
3    bud, egg, embryo, nucleus, ovule, ovum, seed, spore, sprout  

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a substance containing a harmless form of the germs that cause a particular disease. It is given to people, usually by injection, to prevent them from getting that disease.
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