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  ( fuses    plural & 3rd person present)   ( fusing    present participle)   ( fused    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A fuse is a safety device in an electric plug or circuit. It contains a piece of wire which melts when there is a fault so that the flow of electricity stops.  
The fuse blew as he pressed the button to start the motor..., Remove the circuit fuse before beginning electrical work.     
2       verb   When an electric device fuses or when you fuse it, it stops working because of a fault.  
The wire snapped at the wall plug and the light fused...      V  
Rainwater had fused the bulbs.      V n  
3       n-count   A fuse is a device on a bomb or firework which delays the explosion so that people can move a safe distance away.  
A bomb was deactivated at the last moment, after the fuse had been lit.     
4       v-recip   When things fuse or are fused, they join together physically or chemically, usually to become one thing. You can also say that one thing fuses with another.  
The skull bones fuse between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five...      pl-n V  
Conception occurs when a single sperm fuses with an egg...      V with n  
Manufactured glass is made by fusing various types of sand...      V pl-n  
Their solution was to isolate specific clones of B cells and fuse them with cancer cells...      V n with n  
The flakes seem to fuse together and produce ice crystals.      pl-n V together, Also V pl-n together  
5       v-recip   If something fuses two different qualities, ideas, or things, or if they fuse, they join together, especially in order to form a pleasing or satisfactory combination.   (=combine)  
His music fused the rhythms of jazz with classical forms...      V n with n  
What they have done is fuse two different types of entertainment, the circus and the rock concert...      V pl-n  
Past and present fuse.      pl-n V, Also V with n  
6    If you blow a fuse, you suddenly become very angry and are unable to stay calm.  
blow a fuse      phrase   V inflects  
For all my experience, I blew a fuse in the quarter-final and could have been sent off.     
7    If someone or something lights the fuse of a particular situation or activity, they suddenly get it started.  
light the fuse      phrase   V inflects  
Hopes for an early cut in German interest rates lit the market's fuse early on.     
8    If you say that someone has a short fuse or is on a short fuse you mean that they are quick to react angrily when something goes wrong.  
on a short fuse/have a short fuse      phrase   V inflects  
I have a very short fuse and a violent temper.     

fuse box        ( fuse boxes    plural  ) Thefuse box is the box that contains the fuses for all the electric circuits in a building. It is usually fixed to a wall.      n-count   oft the N in sing  
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      vb   agglutinate, amalgamate, blend, coalesce, combine, commingle, dissolve, federate, integrate, intermingle, intermix, join, meld, melt, merge, run together, smelt, solder, unite, weld  
   diffuse, dispense, disseminate, dissipate, disunite, scatter, separate, spread, strew  

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