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1       adv   Fully means to the greatest degree or extent possible.  
ADV adj, ADV with v   (=completely)  
She was fully aware of my thoughts..., I don't fully agree with that.     
2       adv   You use fully to say that a process is completely finished.  
ADV with v  
He had still not fully recovered.     
3       adv   If you describe, answer, or deal with something fully, you leave out nothing that should be mentioned or dealt with.  
ADV with v  
Major elements of these debates are discussed more fully later in this book.     
4       adv   Fully is used to emphasize how great an amount is.  
WRITTEN   ADV amount     (emphasis)    Fully 30% of the poor could not even afford access to illegal shanties.     

fully fledged      , fully-fledged  
Fully fledged means complete or fully developed.      adj   ADJ n  
Hungary is to have a fully-fledged Stock Exchange from today.     
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1    absolutely, altogether, completely, entirely, every inch, from first to last, heart and soul, in all respects, intimately, lock, stock and barrel, one hundred per cent, perfectly, positively, thoroughly, totally, to the hilt, utterly, wholly  
2    abundantly, adequately, amply, comprehensively, enough, plentifully, satisfactorily, sufficiently  
3    at least, quite, without (any) exaggeration, without a word of a lie     (informal)  

experienced, mature, professional, proficient, qualified, senior, time-served, trained  

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