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  ( fuels    plural & 3rd person present)   ( fuelling    present participle)   ( fuelled    past tense & past participle  )
in AM, use fueling, fueled     
1       n-mass   Fuel is a substance such as coal, oil, or petrol that is burned to provide heat or power.  
They ran out of fuel., ...industrial research into cleaner fuels.     
2       verb   To fuel a situation means to make it become worse or more intense.   (=feed)  
The result will inevitably fuel speculation about the Prime Minister's future...      V n  
The economic boom was fueled by easy credit.      be V-ed  
3    If something adds fuel to a conflict or debate, or adds fuel to the fire, it makes the conflict or debate more intense.  
add fuel to something      phrase   V inflects  
His comments are bound to add fuel to the debate..., The decision to raise tariffs on imports will only add fuel to the fire.     

fossil fuel        ( fossil fuels    plural  ) , fossil-fuel   Fossil fuel is fuel such as coal or oil that is formed from the decayed remains of plants or animals.      n-mass  
fuel injection     
Fuel injection is a system in the engines of some vehicles which forces fuel directly into the part of the engine where it is burned.      n-uncount  
fuel rod        ( fuel rods    plural  ) Fuel rods are metal tubes containing nuclear fuel. They are used in some nuclear reactors.      n-count  
nuclear fuel        ( nuclear fuels    plural  ) Nuclear fuel is fuel that provides nuclear energy, for example in power stations.      n-var  
solid fuel        ( solid fuels    plural  ) Solid fuel is fuel such as coal or wood, that is solid rather than liquid or gas.  
  (BRIT)      n-mass  
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      n     (figurative)   ammunition, encouragement, fodder, food, incitement, material, means, nourishment, provocation  
      vb   charge, fan, feed, fire, incite, inflame, nourish, stoke up, sustain  

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a flammable liquid mixture made from petroleum and use esp. as a motor fuel.
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