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  ( frustrates    3rd person present)   ( frustrating    present participle)   ( frustrated    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something frustrates you, it upsets or angers you because you are unable to do anything about the problems it creates.  
These questions frustrated me...      V n  
Doesn't it frustrate you that audiences in the theatre are so restricted?      V n  
  frustrated      adj   usu v-link ADJ  
Roberta felt frustrated and angry., ...voters who are frustrated with the council.     
  frustration     ( frustrations    plural)    n-var  
The results show the level of frustration among hospital doctors., ...a man fed up with the frustrations of everyday life.     
2       verb   If someone or something frustrates a plan or attempt to do something, they prevent it from succeeding.  
The government has deliberately frustrated his efforts to gain work permits for his foreign staff.      V n  
...her frustrated attempt to become governor.      V-ed  
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1    baffle, balk, block, check, circumvent, confront, counter, defeat, disappoint, foil, forestall, hobble, inhibit, neutralize, nullify, render null and void, stymie, thwart  
2    depress, discourage, dishearten  
1    advance, encourage, endorse, forward, further, promote, satisfy, stimulate  
2    cheer, encourage, hearten  

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