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  ( fringes    plural  )
1       n-count   A fringe is hair which is cut so that it hangs over your forehead.  
in AM, use bangs     
2       n-count   A fringe is a decoration attached to clothes, or other objects such as curtains, consisting of a row of hanging strips or threads.  
The jacket had leather fringes.     
3       n-count   To be on thefringe or thefringesof a place means to be on the outside edge of it, or to be in one of the parts that are farthest from its centre.  
usu on the N of n townships located on the fringes of the city..., They lived together in a mixed household on the fringe of a campus.     
4       n-count   Thefringe or thefringesof an activity or organization are its less important, least typical, or most extreme parts, rather than its main and central part.  
usu pl, the N of n  
The party remained on the fringe of the political scene until last year.     
5       adj   Fringe groups or events are less important or popular than other related groups or events.  
ADJ n  
The monarchists are a small fringe group who quarrel fiercely among themselves.     

fringe benefit        ( fringe benefits    plural  )
1       n-count   Fringe benefits are extra things that some people get from their job in addition to their salary, for example a car.     (BUSINESS)   usu pl  
2       n-count   The fringe benefits of doing something are the extra advantages which you get from it, although you may not have expected them and they were not the main reason for doing it.  
oft N of -ing/n   (=bonus)  
His support was one of the nicest fringe benefits of pursuing this research.     
lunatic fringe     
If you refer to a group of people as the lunatic fringe, you mean that they are very extreme in their opinions or behaviour.      n-sing   usu the N  
Demands for a separate Siberia are confined for now to the lunatic fringe.     
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1    binding, border, edging, hem, tassel, trimming  
2    borderline, edge, limits, march, marches, margin, outskirts, perimeter, periphery  
3    unconventional, unofficial, unorthodox  
4    border, edge, enclose, skirt, surround, trim  

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