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  ( friendlier    comparative)   ( friendliest    superlative)   ( friendlies    plural  )
1       adj   If someone is friendly, they behave in a pleasant, kind way, and like to be with other people.  
Godfrey had been friendly to me., ...a man with a pleasant, friendly face..., Robert has a friendly relationship with his customers., ...a friendly atmosphere..., Your cat isn't very friendly.     
  friendliness      n-uncount  
She also loves the friendliness of the people.     
2       adj   If you are friendlywith someone, you like each other and enjoy spending time together.  
v-link ADJ, usu ADJ with n  
I'm friendly with his mother...     
3       adj   You can describe another country or their government as friendly when they have good relations with your own country rather than being an enemy.  
...a worsening in relations between the two previously friendly countries.     
4       n-count   In sport, a friendly is a match which is not part of a competition, and is played for entertainment or practice, often without any serious effort to win.  
Athletic Bilbao agreed to play a friendly at Real Sociedad.     
      Friendly is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n  
Austria beat Hungary 3-nil in a friendly match at Salzburg on Wednesday.     
in AM, use exhibition game     

Eco-friendly products or services are less harmful to the environment than other similar products or services.      adj   oft ADJ n washing powder...     
1       comb in adj   -friendly combines with nouns to form adjectives which describe things that are not harmful to the specified part of the natural world.  
Palm oil is environment-friendly., ...ozone-friendly fridges.     
2       comb in adj   -friendly combines with nouns to form adjectives which describe things which are intended for or suitable for the specified person, especially things that are easy for them to understand, appreciate, or use.  
...customer-friendly banking facilities.     
friendly society        ( friendly societies    plural  ) A friendly society is an organization to which people regularly pay small amounts of money and which then gives them money when they retire or when they are ill.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
Ozone-friendly chemicals, products, or technology do not cause harm to the ozone layer.      adj  
...ozone-friendly chemicals for fridges and air conditioners.     
If you describe something such as a machine or system as user-friendly, you mean that it is well designed and easy to use.      adj  
This an entirely computer operated system which is very user friendly., ...user-friendly libraries.     
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affable, affectionate, amiable, amicable, attached, attentive, auspicious, beneficial, benevolent, benign, buddy-buddy     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   chummy     (informal)   close, clubby, companionable, comradely, conciliatory, confiding, convivial, cordial, familiar, favourable, fond, fraternal, genial, good, helpful, intimate, kind, kindly, matey or maty     (Brit. informal)   neighbourly, on good terms, on visiting terms, outgoing, pally     (informal)   palsy-walsy     (informal)   peaceable, propitious, receptive, sociable, sympathetic, thick     (informal)   welcoming, well-disposed  
   antagonistic, belligerent, cold, contentious, distant, inauspicious, sinister, uncongenial, unfriendly  

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n. 1. friendly, affectionate love; familial love 2. (astrology) horizon in the Leo/Aquarius axis 3. (sociology) the love between friends
A living being with storge feels a strong sense of duty and is often willing to die to protect this love.
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