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  ( frays    3rd person present)   ( fraying    present participle)   ( frayed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something such as cloth or rope frays, or if something frays it, its threads or fibres start to come apart from each other and spoil its appearance.  
The fabric is very fine or frays easily...      V  
The stitching had begun to fray at the edges...      V at n  
Her washing machine tends to fray edges on intricate designs.      V n  
...fraying edges in the stair carpet...      V-ing  
He wore frayed jeans and cowboy shirts.      V-ed  
2       verb   If your nerves or your temper fray, or if something frays them, you become nervous or easily annoyed because of mental strain and anxiety.  
Tempers began to fray as the two teams failed to score...      V  
This kind of living was beginning to fray her nerves.      V n  
3       n-sing   The fray is an exciting or challenging activity, situation, or argument that you are involved in.  
the N  
There will have to be a second round of voting when new candidates can enter the fray..., He would be inspiring young people to get into the political fray.     
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      n   affray     (Law)   bagarre, battle, battle royal, brawl, broil, clash, combat, conflict, disturbance, donnybrook, fight, melee or mêlée, quarrel, riot, row, ruckus     (informal)   rumble     (U.S. & N.Z. slang)   rumpus, scrimmage, scuffle, set-to     (informal)   shindig     (informal)   shindy     (informal)   skirmish  

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fray          [2]  
      vb   become threadbare, chafe, fret, rub, wear, wear away, wear thin  

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