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1       adj   Former is used to describe someone who used to have a particular job, position, or role, but no longer has it.  
ADJ n  
...former President Richard Nixon..., He pleaded not guilty to murdering his former wife.     
2       adj   Former is used to refer to countries which no longer exist or whose boundaries have changed.  
ADJ n  
...the former Soviet Union., ...the former Yugoslavia.     
3       adj   Former is used to describe something which used to belong to someone or which used to be a particular thing.  
ADJ n  
...the former home of Sir Christopher Wren., ...a former monastery.     
4       adj   Former is used to describe a situation or period of time which came before the present one.  
He would want you to remember him as he was in former years.     
5       pron   When two people, things, or groups have just been mentioned, you can refer to the first of them as the former.  
the PRON     (Antonym: latter)    Given the choice between a pure white T-shirt and a more expensive, dirty cream one, most people can be forgiven for choosing the former...     

opinion former        ( opinion formers    plural  ) , opinion maker   Opinion formers are people who have a lot of influence over what the public thinks about things.      n-count  
sixth former        ( sixth formers    plural  ) , sixth-former   A sixth former is a pupil who is in the sixth form at a British school.      n-count  
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1    antecedent, anterior, ci-devant, earlier, erstwhile, ex-, late, one-time, previous, prior, quondam, whilom     (archaic)  
2    ancient, bygone, departed, long ago, long gone, of yore, old, old-time, past  
3    above, aforementioned, aforesaid, first mentioned, foregoing, preceding  
   coming, current, ensuing, following, future, latter, modern, present, present-day, subsequent, succeeding  

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virtual electronic assets, value or obligations bequeathed to a person after its former owner's death
[Tech.];[US];[Internet] value or obligations in cyberspace transitable upon the death of an individual
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