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1       adj   If you describe someone as forceful, you approve of them because they express their opinions and wishes in a strong, emphatic, and confident way.,   (approval)    He was a man of forceful character, with considerable insight and diplomatic skills.     
  forcefully      adv   ADV with v  
Mrs. Dambar was talking very rapidly and somewhat forcefully.     
  forcefulness      n-uncount  
She had inherited her father's forcefulness.     
2       adj   Something that is forceful has a very powerful effect and causes you to think or feel something very strongly.   (=powerful)  
It made a very forceful impression on me..., For most people a heart attack is a forceful reminder that they are mortal.     
  forcefully      adv   ADV with v  
Daytime television tended to remind her too forcefully of her own situation.     
3       adj   A forceful point or argument in a discussion is one that is good, valid, and convincing.   (=powerful)  
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cogent, compelling, convincing, dynamic, effective, persuasive, pithy, potent, powerful, telling, vigorous, weighty  
   enervated, exhausted, faint, feeble, frail, powerless, spent, weak  

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