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  ( flyers    plural  ) , flier  
1       n-count   A flyer is a pilot of an aircraft.  
2       n-count   You can refer to someone who travels by aeroplane as a flyer.  
usu supp N  
...regular business flyers., ...nervous fliers.     
3       n-count   A flyer is a small printed notice which is used to advertise a particular company, service, or event.  

high-flyer        ( high-flyers    plural  ) , high flyer, high-flier   A high-flyer is someone who has a lot of ability and is likely to be very successful in their career.      n-count  
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, flier  
1    goer, racer, runner, scorcher     (informal)   speed demon or merchant     (informal)   sprinter  
2    advert     (Brit. informal)   bill, booklet, circular, handbill, handout, leaf, leaflet, literature     (informal)   notice, pamphlet, promotional material, publicity material, release, throwaway     (U.S.)  
3    aeronaut, airman or airwoman, aviator or aviatrix, pilot  
4    bound, flying or running jump, hurdle, jeté, jump, leap, spring, vault  

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