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  ( fluids    plural  )
1       n-mass   A fluid is a liquid.  
FORMAL   The blood vessels may leak fluid, which distorts vision..., Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids., ...fluid retention.     
2       adj   Fluid movements or lines or designs are smooth and graceful.  
The forehand stroke should be fluid and well balanced.     
3       adj   A situation that is fluid is unstable and is likely to change often.  
usu v-link ADJ   (=changeable)  

fluid ounce        ( fluid ounces    plural  ) A fluid ounce is a measurement of liquid. There are twenty fluid ounces in a British pint, and sixteen in an American pint.      n-count   num N, oft N of n  
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1    aqueous, flowing, in solution, liquefied, liquid, melted, molten, running, runny, watery  
2    adaptable, adjustable, changeable, flexible, floating, fluctuating, indefinite, mercurial, mobile, mutable, protean, shifting  
3    easy, elegant, feline, flowing, graceful, sinuous, smooth  
4    liquid, liquor, solution  
,       adj   definite, firm, fixed, hard, immobile, immutable, rigid, set, solid  

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1 Serotherapic Substance 2 Intravenous Fluid
medical term
excessive fluid from the mouth - combination of 'to slobber' and 'to salivate'
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