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1       adj   A flowery smell is strong and sweet, like flowers.  
Amy thought she caught the faintest drift of Isabel's flowery perfume.     
2       adj   Flowery cloth, paper, or china has a lot of flowers printed or painted on it.  
usu ADJ n   (=floral)  
The baby, dressed in a flowery jumpsuit, waved her rattle.     
3       adj   Flowery speech or writing contains long or literary words and expressions.   (=florid)  
They were using uncommonly flowery language.     
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baroque, embellished, euphuistic, fancy, figurative, florid, high-flown, ornate, overwrought, rhetorical  
   austere, bare, basic, modest, muted, plain, restrained, simple, spartan, unadorned, unembellished  

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