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  ( flouts    3rd person present)   ( flouting    present participle)   ( flouted    past tense & past participle  ) If you flout something such as a law, an order, or an accepted way of behaving, you deliberately do not obey it or follow it.      verb   (=defy)     (Antonym: observe, respect)    ...illegal campers who persist in flouting the law...      V n  
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defy, deride, gibe at, insult, jeer at, laugh in the face of, mock, outrage, ridicule, scoff at, scorn, scout     (archaic)   show contempt for, sneer at, spurn, take the piss out of     (taboo slang)   taunt, treat with disdain  
   attend, esteem, heed, honour, mind, note, pay attention to, regard, respect, revere, value  

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