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  ( flares    plural & 3rd person present)   ( flaring    present participle)   ( flared    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A flare is a small device that produces a bright flame. Flares are used as signals, for example on ships.  
...a ship which had fired a distress flare.     
2       verb   If a fire flares, the flames suddenly become larger.  
Camp fires flared like beacons in the dark.      V  
      Flare up means the same as flare., phrasal verb  
Don't spill too much fat on the barbecue as it could flare up.      V P  
3       verb   If something such as trouble, violence, or conflict flares, it starts or becomes more violent.  
Even as the President appealed for calm, trouble flared in several American cities.      V  
      Flare up means the same as flare., phrasal verb  
Dozens of people were injured as fighting flared up.      V P  
4       verb   If people's tempers flare, they get angry.  
Tempers flared and harsh words were exchanged.      V  
5       verb   If someone's nostrils flare or if they flare them, their nostrils become wider, often because the person is angry or upset.  
I turned to Jacky, my nostrils flaring in disgust...      V  
He stuck out his tongue and flared his nostrils.      V n  
6       verb   If something such as a dress flares, it spreads outwards at one end to form a wide shape.  
...a simple black dress, cut to flare from the hips.      V  
7       n-plural   Flares are trousers that are very wide at the bottom.  
also a pair of N  
    flared   flare up      phrasal verb   If a disease or injury flares up, it suddenly returns or becomes painful again.  
Students often find that their acne flares up before and during exams.      V P  
    flare 2, 3  

flare-up        ( flare-ups    plural  ) If there is a flare-up of violence or of an illness, it suddenly starts or gets worse.      n-count   usu a N of/in n  
There's been a flare-up of violence in South Africa.     
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1    blaze, burn up, dazzle, flicker, flutter, glare, waver  
2      (often with)       out   broaden, spread out, widen  
3    blaze, burst, dazzle, flame, flash, flicker, glare  

flare up     
blaze, blow one's top     (informal)   boil over, break out, explode, fire up, fly off the handle     (informal)   lose control, lose one's cool     (informal)   lose one's temper, throw a tantrum  

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