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fire service

     ( fire services    plural  ) Thefire service is an organization which has the job of putting out fires.  
  (BRIT)      n-count-coll   usu the N  
Crowds of youths prevented the fire service from dealing with the blaze.     
in AM, use fire department     
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fire          [1]     ( fires    plural & 3rd person present)   ( firing    present participle)   ( fired    past tense & past participle  )   (BURNING, HEAT, OR ENTHUSIASM)  
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1       n-uncount   Fire is the hot, bright flames produced by things that are burning.  
They saw a big flash and a huge ball of fire reaching hundreds of feet into the sky..., Many students were trapped by smoke and fire on an upper floor.     
2       n-var   Fire or a fire    is an occurrence of uncontrolled burning which destroys buildings, forests, or other things.      
87 people died in a fire at the Happy Land Social Club..., A forest fire is sweeping across portions of north Maine this evening..., Much of historic Rennes was destroyed by fire in 1720.     
3       n-count   A fire    is a burning pile of wood, coal, or other fuel that you make, for example to use for heat, light, or cooking.      
There was a fire in the grate..., After the killing, he calmly lit a fire to destroy evidence.     
4       n-count   A fire    is a device that uses electricity or gas to give out heat and warm a room.      
  (mainly BRIT)   oft n N  
The gas fire was still alight...     
in AM, usually use heater     
5       verb   When a pot or clay object is fired, it is heated at a high temperature in a special oven, as part of the process of making it.  
After the pot is dipped in this mixture, it is fired...      be V-ed  
6       verb   When the engine of a motor vehicle fires, an electrical spark is produced which causes the fuel to burn and the engine to work.  
The engine fired and we moved off.      V  
7       verb   If you fire    someone with enthusiasm, you make them feel very enthusiastic. If you fire    someone's imagination, you make them feel interested and excited.         
...the potential to fire the imagination of an entire generation...      V n  
It was Allen who fired this rivalry with real passion...      V n with n  
Both his grandfathers were fired with an enthusiasm for public speaking...      be V-ed with n  
8       n-uncount   You can use fire    to refer in an approving way to someone's energy and enthusiasm.   ,   (approval)    (=passion)  
I went to hear him speak and was very impressed. He seemed so full of fire...     
9    If an object or substance catches fire, it starts burning.  
catch fire      phrase   V inflects  
The aircraft caught fire soon after take-off.     
10    If something is on fire, it is burning and being damaged or destroyed by an uncontrolled fire.  
on fire      phrase   v-link PHR   (=burning)  
The captain radioed that the ship was on fire.     
11    If you say that someone is playing with fire, you mean that they are doing something dangerous that may result in great harm for them and cause many problems.  
play with fire      phrase   V inflects  
Schulte warned government and industrial leaders that those who even venture to think about mass layoffs are playing with fire.     
12    If you set fire to something or if you set it on fire, you start it burning in order to damage or destroy it.  
set fire to sth, set sth on fire      phrase   V inflects  
They set fire to vehicles outside that building..., Lightning set several buildings on fire.     
    to have irons on the fire  
    like a house on fire  
    there's no smoke without fire  

Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  




1    blaze, combustion, conflagration, flames, inferno  
2    barrage, bombardment, cannonade, flak, fusillade, hail, salvo, shelling, sniping, volley  
3      (figurative)   animation, ardour, brio, burning passion, dash, eagerness, élan, enthusiasm, excitement, fervency, fervour, force, heat, impetuosity, intensity, life, light, lustre, passion, pizzazz or pizazz     (informal)   radiance, scintillation, sparkle, spirit, splendour, verve, vigour, virtuosity, vivacity  
4    hanging fire      delayed, in abeyance, in cold storage, on ice, pending, postponed, put back, put off, shelved, suspended, undecided  
5    on fire:     
a    ablaze, aflame, alight, blazing, burning, fiery, flaming, in flames  
b    ardent, eager, enthusiastic, excited, inspired, passionate  
6    enkindle, ignite, kindle, light, put a match to, set ablaze, set aflame, set alight, set fire to, set on fire, torch  
7    detonate, discharge, eject, explode, hurl, launch, let loose     (informal)   let off, loose, pull the trigger, set off, shell, shoot, touch off  
8      (figurative)   animate, arouse, electrify, enliven, excite, galvanize, impassion, incite, inflame, inspire, inspirit, irritate, quicken, rouse, stir  
9      (informal)   cashier, discharge, dismiss, give marching orders, give the boot     (slang)   give the bullet     (Brit. slang)   give the push, kiss off     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   make redundant, sack     (informal)   show the door  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
1. conical-shaped iron basket brazier, holding a fire to be burned as a beacon 2. open lamp or firepan carried on a pole, once used as portable illumination
economic player that both produces and consumes a good or service
portmanteau word: producer + consumer. Linked to mass costumisation
competitive set: a group of other brands offering a similar product or service, to the same consumers
(about a product or service) meant to meet the customers' basic requirements; with no add-ons, including only the basic features
E.g: It's a no frills hotel, but very clean and with friendly staff.
replacement of a rail transport service (tram, subway, train) with a bus
[Neologism] from "bus" and "substitution"
refers to a product or service whose design, blueprint or code is free to use and modify
Examples of open source projects: Linux, Mozzila Firefox (softwares); DIY open drones (drone design), arduino (electronics)
app designed to let a person get a transportation service for a fee
Uber, Gettaxi, Taxi apps
social services
Information Handling Services Inc.
Emergency Medical Services - Polysemic Term used in USA and UK for Prehospital Emergency Services and other countries as the whole chain from Emergency Call to Hospital Intensive Care services.
Care Traduction difficulty !
buying or selling of goods tangible or intangible and services commonly on internet actually happen in cyberspace is called ecommerce or cyber commerce
adoption of a business model in which services are offered on demand through direct contact between a customer and supplier, usually via mobile technology
[Bus.] From the taxi company 'Uber', which pioneered this business model
a person - including intelligent programs - that uses computer or internet services
someone who does not use high-technology items or services on a daily basis
[Slang] "Amish" is the name of a religious group arisen in the 16th century, that resists modern world's changes (including technology, fashion etc.)
network-based services that makes information available from multiple electronic devices by linking it to an account
eMoney is electronic money exchangeable electronically for good and services via cyber digital device.
[Tech.] eMoney is electronic money exchangeable electronically via cyber digital device as cell phone
to subject (an industry) to a business model in which services are offered on demand through direct contact between a customer and a supplier, usually via mobile technology
[Bus.] From the taxi company 'Uber', which pioneered this business model
[child] to be sent to a care organization run by the social services, or to be looked after by foster parents
a business model in which goods or services are shared, swapped, or rented over networks, rather than being owned by individuals
Ex: Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accomodation marketplace Related to the concept of "sharing economy"
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