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  ( concessions    plural  )
1       n-count   If you make a concessionto someone, you agree to let them do or have something, especially in order to end an argument or conflict.  
oft N to/from n  
The King made major concessions to end the confrontation with his people.     
2       n-count   A concession is a special right or privilege that is given to someone. concessions for mothers who stay at home with their children.     
3       n-count   A concession is a special price which is lower than the usual price and which is often given to old people, students, and the unemployed.  
Open daily; admission £1.10 with concessions for children and OAPs.     
in AM, use reduction     
4       n-count   A concession is an arrangement where someone is given the right to sell a product or to run a business, especially in a building belonging to another business.  
  (mainly AM, BUSINESS)  
in BRIT, usually use franchise     
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1    acknowledgment, admission, assent, confession, surrender, yielding  
2    adjustment, allowance, boon, compromise, grant, indulgence, permit, privilege, sop  

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